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SQL Server 2000
Column_name Data type Nullable Default Check Key/index
pub_id char(4) no yes 1 PK, clust.
pub_name varchar(40) yes
city varchar(20) yes
state char(2) yes
country varchar(30) yes 'USA'

1  The pub_id CHECK constraint is defined as (pub_id = '1756' OR (pub_id = '1622' OR (pub_id = '0877' OR (pub_id = '0736' OR (pub_id = '1389')))) OR (pub_id LIKE '99[0-9][0-0]').

This table shows the contents of the publishers table.

pub_id pub_name city state country
0736 New Moon Books Boston MA USA
0877 Binnet & Hardley Washington DC USA
1389 Algodata Infosystems Berkeley CA USA
1622 Five Lakes Publishing Chicago IL USA
1756 Ramona Publishers Dallas TX USA
9901 GGG&G München NULL Germany
9952 Scootney Books New York NY USA
9999 Lucerne Publishing Paris NULL France


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