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Deploying Applications from Visual Studio .NET

Deploying Applications from Visual Studio .NET

SQL Server 2000

This topic describes deployment during development and final application deployment in the Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET development environment.

Note  This feature has been designed to be used in conjunction with a prerelease version of an anticipated successor to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Check the documentation accompanying the commercially released version for any updates.

Deployment During Development

To include Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 Windows® CE Edition (SQL Server CE) in a project, add a reference to the System.Data.SqlServerCE assembly. For more information, see Installing SQL Server CE with Visual Studio .NET .

When this reference is added, two .cab files are deployed to the Windows CE-based device each time the application is compiled:

  • Sqlce.dev.platform.processor.cab

    This .cab file should be deployed only during application development. This .cab file contains Isqlw20.exe (SQL Server CE Query Analyzer), which installs in \Program Files\SQLCE 2.0; and two error string files: Ssceerror20en.dll and Msdaeren.dll, both of which install in \Program Files\SQLCE 2.0.

  • Sqlce.platform.processor.cab

    This .cab file includes all files needed for SQL Server CE: Ssce20.dll, Ssceca20.dll install in \Program Files\SQLCE 2.0, and Sscemw20.dll installs in \Windows.

Final Application Deployment

After you complete the application, create a .cab file for the application: On the Build menu, select Build CAB File. This .cab file does not include SQL Server CE or the .NET Compact Framework. To fully deploy the application, you must copy and extract the application .cab file as well as the SQL Server CE and .NET Compact Framework .cab files, which are included by default in \Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\CompactFrameworkSDK\v1.0.5000\Windows CE\platform\processor folders.

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