Configuring Security for Connectivity

Configuring Security for Connectivity

SQL Server 2000

After you install the necessary systems for Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Windows® CE Edition (SQL Server CE), you must configure the appropriate security and connectivity options before any data can be exchanged by using replication or remote data access (RDA). The topics in this section describe the security and connectivity requirements for SQL Server CE.

Topic Description
Planning for Security Provides general information about security.
Configuring Connectivity Support in IIS Provides information about configuring connectivity support for replication and remote data access, including NTFS permissions requirements and advanced security configurations.
Using SQL Server CE Relay Provides information about installing and configuring SQL Server CE Relay when you are using Microsoft ActiveSync® 3.1.

After connectivity support for replication and remote data access are properly configured, you are ready to use these connectivity solutions by enabling the functionality in a Windows CE-based application. For more information, see Managing Connectivity and Building Applications.

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