Restricted Client Property

Restricted Client Property

SQL Server 2000

Restricted Client Property

Restricts PivotTable Service from creating local cubes or running deeply recursive queries.

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Restricted Client

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The Restricted Client property is used to prevent PivotTable Service from performing operations that are typically not done by a middle-tier application. Specifically, the Restricted Client property prevents:

  • The creation of local cubes through the use of the CREATE CUBE statement.

  • Deeply recursive queries from causing the thread stack to overflow.

If this property is enabled, an error is raised if either of these conditions occurs.

The following table lists the possible values for this property.

Value Description
Any string value that starts with "Y", "y", "T", or "t".

Any string value that can be converted to a numeric value other than 0.

The property restricts local cube creation and deeply recursive queries.
Any other string value or an empty string (""). The property does not restrict local cube creation and deeply recursive queries.

To ensure security and stability when PivotTable Service is used in a middle-tier application, you should use this property in conjunction with the Safety Options property.

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