Auto Synch Period Property

Auto Synch Period Property

SQL Server 2000

Auto Synch Period Property

This property controls the frequency (in milliseconds) of client/server synchronization.

Property Name

Auto Synch Period

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The default is 10,000 milliseconds (10 seconds).

When this property is set to a NULL value or 0 (zero), automatic synchronization is turned off. Synchronization occurs only when you send a query to the server.

Because some client queries are resolved solely from the client cache, too high a value in this property can result in query results that do not reflect recent updates in the data source. However, too low a value can impede performance. The lowest valid nonzero value is 250 milliseconds. If a value between 1 and 249 (inclusive) is specified, a value of 250 milliseconds is used.

You will usually set the value of this property when you establish a session; however, you can change its value during the session if necessary.

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