Source_DSN_Suffix Property

Source_DSN_Suffix Property

SQL Server 2000

Source_DSN_Suffix Property

  New Information - SQL Server 2000 SP3.

This property contains a string that is appended to the Source_DSN property value when creating or connecting to a local cube. This property's value is set when a session is established, and it can be reused but not changed during the session.

Security Note  When possible, use Windows Authentication.

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This property is useful for separating data permanently stored in the local cube file from data used only for the session, such as the user account and password, because this property's value is not stored in the local cube file. Its primary purpose is to specify a user ID and password that the relational data source uses to create or access a local cube. If this property is used when you create a local ROLAP cube, it may also be required when you later connect to the cube. For example, if you specify a user account and password in this property when creating a local ROLAP cube, you must specify them in this property for each subsequent connection to the local ROLAP cube file.

Security Note  The use of this property is recommended.


The following example demonstrates the use of the Source_DSN_Suffix property to pass user name and password information to the OLE DB provider:


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