CompareCaseNotSensitiveStringFlags Property

CompareCaseNotSensitiveStringFlags Property

SQL Server 2000

CompareCaseNotSensitiveStringFlags Property

This property adjusts case-insensitive string comparisons for a specified locale.

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Flags specified for this property are used in case-insensitive string comparisons. These flags control string comparisons and sort order. This property controls how comparisons are made in character sets that do not support uppercase and lowercase characters, such as Katakana (for Japanese) and Hindi. The default is the value of the CompareCaseNotSensitiveStringFlags registry entry on the client computer.

The client application can override the registry entry for case-insensitive string comparisons by setting the CompareCaseNotSensitiveStringFlags property in the connection string. PivotTable® Service can have only one value for this property for each process.

The value of this property, as set in the first connection of the process thread, affects all subsequent connections in that process thread.

It is an error for a subsequent connection to set the property to a value different from that established by the first connection. This includes any scenario in which a first client application sets a nondefault value, and a second client application does not set any value, expecting to use the default. It is the responsibility of the client application to manage these settings when there are multiple sessions per process.

This property's value cannot be changed during the session.

Use the following table to determine which flags to use.

Name Value Description
NORM_IGNORECASE 0x00000001 Case is ignored.
Not applicable 0x00000002 Binary comparison. Characters are compared based on their underlying value in the character set, not on their order in their particular alphabet.
NORM_IGNORENONSPACE 0x00000010 Nonspacing characters are ignored.
NORM_IGNORESYMBOLS 0x00000100 Symbols are ignored.
NORM_IGNOREKANATYPE 0x00001000 No differentiation is made between Hiragana and Katakana characters. Corresponding Hiragana and Katakana characters, when compared, are considered to be equal.
NORM_IGNOREWIDTH 0x00010000 No differentiation is made between single-byte and double-byte versions of the same character.
SORT_STRINGSORT 0x00100000 Punctuation is treated the same as symbols.

For more information about comparing strings in OLE DB, search on "CompareString" in the Platform SDK section of the MSDN® Library at the Microsoft Web site.

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