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Using Transformable Subscriptions to Create Custom Data Partitions

SQL Server 2000

Using Transformable Subscriptions to Create Custom Data Partitions

In earlier versions of Microsoft® SQL Server™, if you needed to create different partitions of data for different Subscribers that subscribe to snapshot or transactional publications, you would have to create a different publication for each Subscriber. With SQL Server 2000, you can use transformable subscriptions to create custom data partitions for a single publication that provide different data based on requirements of individual Subscribers. You can create partitions of column and row data on a per Subscriber basis, with one publication supporting multiple subscriptions. 

One method of creating custom data partitions with transformable subscriptions is with the Transform Published Data Wizard. After you create a publication and enable it for transformable subscriptions, you create the data partitions in the Transform Published Data Wizard as part of the process of building a replication DTS package. Most of the work required to build data partitions is done on the Column Mappings and Transformations page of that wizard.

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