Locale Identifier Property

Locale Identifier Property

SQL Server 2000

Locale Identifier Property

This property is used to set the locale ID (LCID) of preference for the client application.

Property Name

Locale Identifier

Property ID



The client application can modify the LCID by setting the Locale Identifier property. PivotTable® Service can have only one LCID for each Microsoft® Windows® process. The LCID must be installed in Control Panel in Windows. If it is not, the attempt to set the LCID fails. By default, the Locale Identifier property is reported as null.

When multiple connections are opened in the same process, connections subsequent to the first connection must specify the LCID to be the same as that established by the first connection.

It is an error for a subsequent connection to set the LCID to a value that would be different from that established by the first connection. This includes the scenario in which a first client application sets a nondefault value, and a second client application does not set any value, expecting to use the default. It is the client application's responsibility to manage these settings in scenarios that involve multiple sessions per process.

This property's value is used when a session is established, but the value cannot be changed during the session.

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