Provider Property

Provider Property

SQL Server 2000

Provider Property

This property is used to set a predefined string containing initialization properties specific to the provider.

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This is a standard OLE DB property; however, it does not specify usage. Usage is specific to the providers that use it. For connections to Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services, this property should be set to "MSOLAP;".

In PivotTable® Service, this property is used by Microsoft ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO) and ADO (Multidimensional) (ADO MD). The property string is semicolon-delimited. Double quotation marks can be used to delimit individual values.

During initialization (IDBInit::Initialize), every recognized property from the Provider property is copied into its respective property value, overwriting existing property values.

The Provider property is cleared after the initialization process is complete (that is, after a connection to the Analysis server is established or a local cube is created).

It is the responsibility of the client application to store the connection string.

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