MDX Unique Name Style Property

MDX Unique Name Style Property

SQL Server 2000

MDX Unique Name Style Property

This property determines which algorithm is used to generate unique names.

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MDX Unique Name Style

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Because members in Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Analysis Services can change position in a dimension, the method for generating unique names in SQL Server version 7.0 OLAP Services may result in an unstable unique name over time. To accommodate this change, you can use this property to specify the algorithm for generating unique names. Use the following table to specify which algorithm to use.

Value Description
0 Default. For compatibility with earlier versions, this is the same as Value 2. The meaning of this default value is subject to change in future versions.
1 Key path algorithm: [dim].&[k1].&[k2]
2 Compatible with version 7.0, name path algorithm: [dim].[n1].[n2]
3 Compatible with SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services. The algorithm uses guaranteed unique names, which are stable over time.

This property overrides the following registry setting:

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