DataPumpTransformTrimString Object

DataPumpTransformTrimString Object

SQL Server 2000

The DataPumpTransformTrimString object converts the source column to uppercase or lowercase characters, as specified by the UpperCaseString and LowerCaseString properties. It trims white-space characters, as specified by the TrimLeadingWhiteSpace, TrimTrailingWhiteSpace and TrimEmbeddedWhiteSpace properties. It converts, if necessary, to the destination column data type. It requires one source column and one destination column, both of a string data type (char, varchar, text, nchar, nvarchar, ntext, and flat file strings).

Destination truncation is possible by setting DTSTransformFlag_AllowStringTruncation in the TransformFlags property of the Transformation object.

LowerCaseString Property TrimTrailingWhiteSpace Property
TrimEmbeddedWhiteSpace Property UpperCaseString Property
TrimLeadingWhiteSpace Property  

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