Administering and Monitoring Replication

Administering and Monitoring Replication

SQL Server 2000

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 replication provides tools to administer and monitor replication agents, replication alerts, and replication processes, ensuring that replication meets the needs of your organization.

Monitoring replication helps you:

  • Set the agent profiles, schedules, properties, and notifications for replication agents.

  • View and troubleshoot agent activity, including verifying when agents last ran, monitoring agent activity, and analyzing replication performance.

  • Receive notification through a replication alert when an event occurs on a replication agent.

  • Validate subscriptions to ensure that data values are the same at the Publisher and at Subscribers.

  • Reinitialize one or all subscriptions to a publication as needed.

  • Manage replication agents from a central location.
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