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Replication with SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition

SQL Server 2000

Using Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 and merge replication, you can publish data to mobile devices running SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition (SQL Server CE). Merge replication is suited for replication with mobile, disconnected Subscribers because it allows updates to be made at the Subscriber while the Subscriber is disconnected from the network and the Publisher. Later, when the device is reconnected, the changes made at the Subscriber can be merged with other changes made at the Publisher and at other Subscribers.

Replication with SQL Server CE is possible with merge publications using anonymous subscriptions. Administration of the subscription is conducted at the Subscriber, and information about the Subscriber running SQL Server CE and the subscription is not stored at the Publisher.

How Replication to SQL Server CE Works

Publishing to Subscribers running SQL Server CE is similar to publishing to other types of Subscribers using anonymous subscriptions.

Create a merge publication, and on the Specify Subscriber Types page of the Create Publication Wizard, select Servers running SQL Server CE as a type of Subscriber that can subscribe to this publication. If you select this option, anonymous subscriptions will be enabled for the publication automatically.

A SQL Server CE application can subscribe to the publication using the SQL Server CE Replication Object. When the subscription is created, the initial snapshot is applied to create the subscription database on the device running SQL Server CE.

Users can modify data in the subscription database online or offline. When reconnected, the data modifications made at the Subscriber are sent to the Publisher and merged with changes made at the Publisher and at other Subscribers. Changes made at the Publisher or propagated to the Publisher since the last synchronization are sent to the Subscriber.

The SQL Server CE Replication Object, within SQL Server CE, controls the execution of the SQL Server Merge Agent to complete synchronization. If conflicts occur because of changes to the same data, it will resolve the conflicts using the conflict resolvers you chose when creating the publication.

For more information, see the SQL Server CE documentation.

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