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Publishing Data Over the Internet Using Microsoft Proxy Server

SQL Server 2000

Integrating Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 replication with Microsoft Proxy Server allows for replication over the Internet with security configured on the Microsoft Windows NT® version 4.0 or Microsoft Windows® 2000 Server operating systems, Proxy Server, and SQL Server 2000.

Using this approach, Proxy Server provides a connection between the Internet and the server where data is stored in SQL Server 2000. The Subscriber connects to Proxy Server over the Internet and uses a pull subscription to receive the data. Proxy Server is configured so that unauthorized Internet users cannot gain access to internal network resources, and the Subscriber must connect to a port on the Proxy Server that limits Subscriber access only to the services where permission is been granted. 

For information about how to configure Microsoft Proxy Server for replication, search for the white paper titled Configuring Proxy Server for SQL Server Replication at Microsoft Web site.

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