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SQL Server 2000


Drills down the members in a specified set that are present in a second specified set, limiting the result set to a specified number of members.

Alternatively, drills down on a set of tuples.


DrilldownMemberTop(«Set1», «Set2», «Count»[, [«Numeric Expression»][, RECURSIVE]])


«Set1» can contain tuples instead of members. Tuple drilldown is an extension of OLE DB, and it returns a set of tuples instead of members.

This function is similar to the DrilldownMember function, but instead of including all children of a member, only the top «Count» of children is returned, based on «Numeric Expression».

Member Drilldown

The following examples demonstrate member drilldown:

Expression Returns
DrilldownMemberTop({USA, Canada, Mexico}, {USA, Washington, Mexico}, 2, [Unit Sales])
{USA, <top two states in USA>, Canada, Mexico, <top two states in Mexico>}
DrilldownMemberTop({USA, Washington, Canada, Mexico}, {USA, Washington, Mexico}, 2, [Unit Sales], RECURSIVE)
{USA, Washington, <top two cities in Washington>, Canada, Mexico, <top two states in Mexico>}.

Tuple drilldown

This example

DrilldownMemberTop({(USA, [Unit Sales]), (Washington, [Unit Sales]), 
(Canada, [Unit Sales]), (Mexico, [Unit Sales])},
{USA, Washington},2,[Store Sales],RECURSIVE)

returns the set

{(USA, [Unit Sales]), (Washington, [Unit Sales]), (<top two cities in Washington>, 
[Unit Sales]), (Canada, [Unit Sales]), (Mexico, [Unit Sales]}.

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