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Visual Basic Reference

Visual Studio 6.0

DownPicture Property

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Returns or sets a reference to a picture to display in a control when it is clicked and in the down (depressed) position.


object.DownPicture [= picture]

The DownPicture property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.
picture A Picture object containing a graphic, as described in Settings.


The settings for picture are:

Setting Description
(None) (Default) No picture.
(Bitmap, icon, metafile) Specifies a graphic. You can load the graphic from the Properties window at design time. At run time, you can also set this property by using the LoadPicture function on a bitmap, icon, or metafile, or by setting it to the Picture property of another control.


The DownPicture property refers to a picture object that displays when the button is in the down state. The DownPicture property is ignored unless the Style property is set to 1 (graphical). Note that when an OptionButton or CheckBox controls Style property is set to graphical and its button depressed, the background of the button is dithered, but the picture on the button is not.

The picture is centered both horizontally and vertically on the button. If there is a caption included with the picture, the picture will be centered above the caption. If no picture is assigned to this property when the button is depressed, then the picture currently assigned to the Picture property is used. If no picture is assigned to either the Picture or DownPicture properties, then only the caption is displayed. If the picture object is too large to fit on the button, then it is clipped.

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