This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual Basic Concepts

Visual Studio 6.0

What's New in Wizards

Setup Wizard Enhancements

All Editions   The Package and Deployment Wizard (formerly the Setup Wizard) lets you deploy your .cab file to a Web server, network share, or other folder. The new wizard incorporates data access support for ADO, OLE DB, RDO, ODBC, and DAO as well as support for the new IIS and DHTML applications. It also features better control over Start menu groups and icons for your setup program. The new wizard can be run from within Visual Basic as an add-in, or via the command line, as part of a batch process.

Professional and Enterprise Editions   Automates creating middle-tier objects bound to the Data Environment or UserControls.

Professional and Enterprise Editions   Now gives you the ability to build code-only forms where controls are not bound to a data control. It allows you to use ADO code. The wizard is integrated with the Application, Chart, and FlexGrid wizards.

All Editions   Now lets you save your settings as profiles for later use, allowing you to create multiple applications with the same format. You can also launch the Data Form Wizard and the Toolbar Wizard from within the Application Wizard to create dataforms and toolbars. Menus are now completely customizable.

Professional and Enterprise Editions   Allows you to begin development by easily specifying your add-in's default load behavior, name, target application and version, and other properties if desired.

Professional and Enterprise Editions   Supports ParamArray, Optional, ByVal, and Default values in argument list and supports Enums.

All Editions   When you have the Application Wizard loaded, the Toolbar Wizard automatically opens when you add a toolbar to a form so that you can create customized toolbars.