Visual Basic Concepts

Visual Studio 6.0

What's New in Language Features

All Editions   User-defined types can be arguments or return types of public properties and methods.

Functions Can Return Arrays

All Editions   Functions and properties procedures will be able to return arrays.

Resizable Arrays Can Be Assigned

All Editions   Variable-sized arrays can now appear on the left side of an assignment. Fixed-sized arrays cannot appear on the left side of an assignment, although they can appear on the right.

File System Objects

All Editions   Offers a streamlined set of routines to traverse the file system and create text files and directories.

All Editions   Allows access to a property or method by specifying a string containing the name of the property or method, rather than by coding the name explicitly.

All Editions   CreateObject now lets you specify a machine name as an optional argument, which allows you to create objects on remote machines.

All Editions   New LCID argument enables you to specify a LocaleID for a string different than the system's LocaleID.

All Editions   The Dictionary object overcomes some of the Collection object's limitations and is easier to use because it generates fewer run-time errors for common operations and is more flexible.

New String Functions

All Editions