What's New in Component Creation

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Visual Studio 6.0
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What's New in Component Creation

Create Your Own Data Consumers

Professional and Enterprise Editions   You can create data consumers, based on a UserControl or class, that support complex binding capabilities.

Create Your Own Data Sources

Professional and Enterprise Editions   You can create your own data sources, based on a UserControl or class.

All Editions   New F5 options allow you to choose where to run a component for debugging purposes — for example, running a control in a browser instead of in a Visual Basic form.

Lightweight UserControls

Professional and Enterprise Editions   You can create windowless and transparent UserControls, which require fewer resources.

Array Enhancements

All Editions   Procedures can now return arrays, which means that your classes can have arrays as properties. You can also assign the entire contents of one array to another array, as long as the array on the left side of the assignment is a dynamic array.

Class Persistence

All Editions   Class properties can be persisted to a PropertyBag for storage and retrieval.

Support for Managing ClassIDs/Compatibility

Professional and Enterprise Editions   Project compatibility now maintains Class IDs between versions of ActiveX components.

Validation Events for UserControls

Professional and Enterprise Editions   The Validate event allows you to validate a control’s data before the LostFocus event is fired.

Apartment-model Threading

Professional and Enterprise Editions   Create ActiveX components that use apartment-model threading to execute procedures asynchronously on separate threads. (New for Visual Basic 5.0 Service Pack 2.)

Professional and Enterprise Editions   Supports ParamArray, Optional, ByVal, and Default values in the argument list and supports Enums.

All Editions   A new argument allows you to create objects on remote machines.

Professional and Enterprise Editions   Automates creating middle-tier objects bound to the Data Environment or UserControls.

FontChanged Event

All Editions   Provides notification to your ActiveX control when font characteristics are changed by an external source.

Professional and Enterprise Editions   The new MTSTransactionMode property allows you to specify the transactional behavior of a class used in conjunction with the Microsoft Transaction Server.

All Editions   Determines whether a user control allocates a fixed hDC for its lifetime rather than using a shared hDC as needed.

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