Overview of the Visual C++ Tutorials
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Overview of the Visual C++ Tutorials

Visual Studio 6.0

Visual C++ includes the following tutorials:


The Scribble Tutorial introduces the basics of creating MFC applications and demonstrates how to use the class library’s main features. Among the features covered in the Scribble tutorial are the following:

Scribble OLE Server

The OLE Server Tutorial is Scribble Step 7, which demonstrates adding OLE in-place editing server support to an existing application.


Container, the OLE Container Tutorial, introduces the MFC OLE classes and teaches you to use their main features. Among the features this tutorial describes are the following:


Autoclik, the Automation Server Tutorial, describes how to create and test a simple Automation server application, starting with AppWizard’s built-in support for Automation. Among the tutorial topics are:

Circle Control

The Circle Control Tutorial introduces the ActiveX control classes. Among the topics discussed are:

Enroll and DAOEnrol

The database tutorials introduce the database classes and describe how to use their main features, demonstrating both ODBC and DAO support. Among the features these tutorials describe are:

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