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DataObjectFiles Collection

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A collection of strings which is the type of the Files property on the DataObject object.



The object placeholder represents an object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.


The DataObjectFiles collection is a collection of strings which represent a set of files which have been selected either through the GetData method, or through selection in an application such as the Windows Explorer.

Although the DataObjectFiles collection has methods and properties of its own, you should use the Files property of the DataObject object to view and manipulate the contents of the DataObjectFiles collection.

Here are some code examples showing the use of the Files property to view and manipulate data contained in the DataObjectFiles collection (where "Data" represents an object of type DataObject):

Debug.Print Data.Files(index)
For Each v in Data.Files 
 Debug.Print v 
Next v
Data.Files.Add "autoexec.bat"
Data.Files.Remove index
For i = 1 to Data.Files.Count
 Debug.print Data.Files(i)
Next i

Note   This collection is used by the Files property only when the data in the DataObject object is in the vbCFFiles format.