Joytoy: Sample Joystick Application

Visual Studio 6.0

Joytoy is a Windows with Multimedia application that illustrates how to use the joystick services. When run, it presents the user with a crosshair cursor. When the joystick or the mouse is moved, the cursor follows. When a joystick button is pressed, Joytoy produces a sound and draws a bullet hole icon onto the screen.

To work correctly, this sample requires Windows® 95.

Building SDK Samples

This sample uses the following keywords:

createwindow; defwindowproc; dispatchmessage; drawhole; drawicon; drawsight; findresource; freeresource; getcursorpos; getdc; getmessage; getstockobject; getsystemmetrics; initjoytoy; joygetnumdevs; joyreleasecapture; joysetcapture; loadcursor; loadicon; loadresource; lockresource; messagebeep; messagebox; postmessage; postquitmessage; registerclass; releasedc; setcursorpos; sndplaysound; switch; translatemessage; unlockresource; winmain; wndproc