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Hello: Sample Using RPC

Visual Studio 6.0

This sample is a client/server implementation of the classic "Hello, World" program.  It prints "Hello, World" at the Server.

Main Files

File Description
Readme.txt Readme file for the HELLO sample
Hello.idl Interface definition language file
Hello.acf Attribute configuration file
Helloc.c Client main program
Hellos.c Server main program
Hellop.c Remote procedures
Makefile Nmake file to build for Windows NT or Windows 95
Makefile.dos Nmake file to build for MS-DOS

Building SDK Samples

This sample uses the following keywords:

atoi; defined; exit; fprintf; free; hello_helloproc; hello_shutdown; helloproc; malloc; midl_user_allocate; midl_user_free; ndrclientinitializenew; ndrconformantstringbuffersize; ndrconformantstringmarshall; ndrconformantstringunmarshall; ndrconvert; ndrfcshort; ndrfreebuffer; ndrgetbuffer; ndrsendreceive; ndrserverinitializenew; printf; rpcbindingfree; rpcbindingfromstringbinding; rpcexcept; rpcexceptioncode; rpcmgmtstopserverlistening; rpcmgmtwaitserverlisten; rpcserverlisten; rpcserverregisterif; rpcserverunregisterif; rpcserveruseprotseqep; rpcstringbindingcompose; rpcstringfree; shutdown; tolower; usage

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