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Tab Property (SSTab Control)
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Visual Basic: MSTab Control

Visual Studio 6.0

Tab Property (SSTab Control)

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Returns or sets the current tab for an SSTab control.


object.Tab [ = tabnumber ]

The Tab property syntax has these parts:

Part Description
object An object expression that evaluates to an SSTab control.
tabnumber A numeric expression that indicates a specific tab. The first tab is always 0.


The current tab moves to the front and becomes the active tab.

Typically, the user of your application clicks a tab to make it the current tab. However, you may need to select the current tab in code. For example, you may want the same tab to be the current tab each time you display a certain dialog box in your application. If you dismiss the dialog box by using the Hide method of the Form, the last tab to be the active tab when the Form was hidden will be the active tab the next time the dialog box appears. You can set the Tab property of the SSTab control so the same tab is active every time the dialog box appears.

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