Visual Basic: PictureClip Control

Clip Example (PictureClip Control)

Visual Basic Example

The following example displays a Clip image in a picture box when the user specifies X and Y coordinates and then clicks a form. First create a form with a PictureBox, a PictureClip control, and two TextBox controls. At design time, use the Properties sheet to load a valid bitmap into the PictureClip control.

Private Sub Form_Click ()
   Dim SaveMode As Integer
   ' Save the current ScaleMode for the picture box.
   SaveMode = Picture1.ScaleMode
   ' Get X and Y coordinates of the clipping region.
   PicClip1.ClipX = Val(Text1.Text)
   PicClip1.ClipY = Val(Text2.Text)
   ' Set the area of the clipping region (in pixels).
   PicClip1.ClipHeight = 100
   PicClip1.ClipWidth = 100
   ' Set the picture box ScaleMode to pixels.
   Picture1.ScaleMode = 3
   ' Set the destination area to fill the picture box.
   PicClip1.StretchX = Picture1.ScaleWidth
   PicClip1.StretchY = Picture1.ScaleHeight
   ' Assign the clipped bitmap to the picture box.
   Picture1.Picture = PicClip1.Clip
   ' Reset the ScaleMode of the picture box.
   Picture1.ScaleMode = SaveMode
End Sub