Visual Basic: Multimedia MCI Control

Visual Studio 6.0

AutoEnable Property (Multimedia MCI Control)

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Determines if the Multimedia MCI control can automatically enable or disable individual buttons in the control. If the AutoEnable property is set to True, the Multimedia MCI control enables those buttons that are appropriate for the current mode of the specified MCI device type. This property also disables those buttons that the current mode of the MCI device does not support.


[form.]MMControl.AutoEnable[ = {True | False}]


The effect of the AutoEnable property is superseded by the Enabled property. The AutoEnable property can automatically enable or disable individual buttons in the control when the Multimedia MCI control is enabled (Enabled property set to True). When the Enabled property is False, keyboard and mouse run-time access to the Multimedia MCI control are turned off, regardless of the AutoEnable property setting.

The following table lists the AutoEnable property settings for the Multimedia MCI control.

Setting Description
False Does not enable or disable buttons. The program controls the states of the buttons by setting the Enabled and ButtonEnabled properties.
True (Default) Enables buttons whose functions are available and disables buttons whose functions are not.

The following tables show how the MCI mode settings are reflected in the control's property settings.

Play mode

Record mode

Pause mode

Stop mode

Open mode

Seek or Not Ready modes

The effect of the AutoEnable property supersedes the effects of ButtonEnabled properties. When the Enabled and AutoEnable properties are both True, the ButtonEnable properties are not used.

Data Type

Integer (Boolean)