Visual Basic: Winsock Control

Visual Studio 6.0

Accept Method

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For TCP server applications only. This method is used to accept an incoming connection when handling a ConnectionRequest event.


object.Accept requestID

The object placeholder represents an object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.

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The Accept method is used in the ConnectionRequest event. The ConnectionRequest event has a corresponding argument, the RequestID parameter, that should be passed to the Accept method. The Accept method should be used on a new control instance (other than the one that is in the listening state.) To do this, at design time, set the Index of a single Winsock control to 0. An example is shown below:

Private Sub Winsock1_ConnectionRequest _
(Index As Integer, ByVal requestID As Long)
   ' Close the connection if it is currently open
   ' by testing the State property.
   If Winsock1.State <> sckClosed Then Winsock1.Close

   ' Load a new instance of the control to service the connection.
   ' The variable newInstanceIndex maintains the current index of the 
   ' next connection to load - this way we don't accidently use an 
   ' index already created. Remember to Unload the control when the 
   ' connection is closed
   Load Winsock1(newInstanceIndex)
   ' Pass the value of the requestID parameter to the
   ' Accept method.
   Winsock1.Accept requestID
End Sub