VBA Developer's Handbook

Visual Studio 6.0

Ken Getz
Mike Gilbert

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To Drs. Paul Bamberg and Harry Leitner, of Harvard University's Extension program, who started me off on this amusing chapter of my life. Also, to Joan Weinstein, one of my first students, who (if nothing else) made sure I really knew what I was talking about.


To my parents, Robert and Donna Johnson, who provided me with the most important development tools—those for life. Also, to Robert and Rick Sterrett, for being the role models every young man needs.


About the Authors

Ken Getz

Ken Getz is a senior consultant with MCW Technologies, focusing on the Microsoft suite of products. He has received Microsoft's MVP award (for providing technical support on CompuServe) for the years 1993 through 1996 and has co-written several books on developing applications using Microsoft Access, including the best-selling Microsoft Access 2 Developer's Handbook and the Access 95 and 97 editions of that book. Ken is also a contributing editor to Smart Access and a frequent contributor to other developer publications. Currently, Ken spends a great deal of time traveling around the country for Application Developer's Training Company, presenting training classes for Access and Visual Basic developers. He also speaks at many conferences and shows throughout the world, including Tech*Ed, Advisor Publication's DevCon, Windows Solutions, and Access and VB Teach. When taking a break from the computer, he turns the chair around and handles another keyboard: the grand piano that fills the other half of his office. You can reach Ken on the Internet at keng@mcwtech.com.

Mike Gilbert

Mike Gilbert is a senior consultant with MCW Technologies, specializing in application development using Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, SQL Server, and Microsoft Office. He has worked with Microsoft on numerous ventures, including the Workgroup Templates, Office Developer's Kit, and DevCast. He writes for several periodicals and is a contributing editor to Smart Access and Access/Visual Basic Advisor. Mike was co-author of Microsoft Access 95 Developer's Handbook and Access 97 Developer's Handbook. He is a trainer with Application Developer's Training Company and a regular speaker at conferences such as Tech*Ed, Advisor Publication's DevCon, and VB Teach. He spends what spare time he has enjoying the quiet, Southern life in Richmond, Virginia, with his wife Karen and their two cats, Chicago and Cairo. You can reach Mike on the Internet at mikeg2@mcwtech.com.