Our Control in the Registry

Visual Studio 6.0

When you distribute your control, you can use the Setup Wizard that comes with VB 6.0. This program will ensure that the control gets registered in the registry. Of course, when you compile the .OCX, VB registers it for you. So if you ran Regedit.exe and did a find on dataCtl, the control would be found. VB takes care of generating a unique CLASSID so that the Registry can identify the control and its location:

Luckily we don't have to worry about this - VB 6.0 takes care of it for us. If you decide to take a look at your compiled control in the Registry - Please do not make any changes! There are many cases of a single small change that ended up in not being able to reboot the PC. So please, look but don't touch.

Now when you take a look at the ActiveX components that are available to your project, notice that dataCtl now shows up prominently.

We'll now take a close look at one of the really useful new controls in VB 6.0 – the DataRepeater

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