Getting Started with Notification Services Books Online

Getting Started with Notification Services Books Online

SQL Server 2000

Use this table for quick access to documentation for Microsoft® SQL Server™ Notification Services.

To learn about See
Notification Services overview, architecture, and user scenarios Introducing SQL Server Notification Services
Installing or removing Notification Services Installing Notification Services
Notification Services programming overview Introducing Notification Services Programming
Building a sample application Stock Application Walk-Through
Building notification applications Building Notification Services Applications

Programming Reference

Deploying and managing Notification Services applications Deploying and Administering Notification Services

Tools and Utilities Reference

Defining security accounts and permissions Managing Security
Analyzing performance Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Stored Procedure Reference

Application definition file (ADF) reference Application Definition File Reference
Configuration file reference Configuration File Reference
NSControl command reference NSControl Commands
FAQ, troubleshooting, and event logs Troubleshooting

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