ADO Data Control
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Visual Basic: ADO Data Control

Visual Studio 6.0

ADO Data Control

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The ADO Data Control is similar to the intrinsic Data control and the Remote Data Control (RDC). The ADO Data Control allows you to quickly create a connection to a database using Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO).


At design time, you can create a connection by setting the ConnectionString property to a valid connection string, then set the RecordSource property to a statement appropriate to the database manager. You can also set the ConnectionString property to the name of a file that defines a connection; the file is generated by a Data Link dialog box, which appears when you click ConnectionString on the Properties window and then select or create a Data Link file.

Connect the ADO Data Control to a data-bound control such as the DataGrid, DataCombo, or DataList control by setting the DataSource property to the ADO Data Control.

At run time, you can dynamically set the ConnectionString and RecordSource properties to change the database. Alternatively, you can set the Recordset property directly to a previously-opened recordset.

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