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SetCacheOptions Method

SQL Server 2000

ReportingService.SetCacheOptions Method

Configures a report for caching and provides settings that specify when the cached copy of the report expires.

Public Sub SetCacheOptions( _
   ByVal Report As String _
   ByVal CacheReport As Boolean _
   ByVal Item As [Namespace].ExpirationDefinition _
   Member of [Namespace].ReportingService

public void SetCacheOptions(
   string Report,
   bool CacheReport,
   [Namespace].ExpirationDefinition Item
   Member of [Namespace].ReportingService
The full path name of the report.
A Boolean value that indicates whether a copy of the executed report is placed in cache. The default value is false.
An ExpirationDefinition object representing either a schedule or an expiration time for the report in cache.

Operation Description
Update Policy Required to set the cache options of a report.


Set the value for Item to null (Nothing in Visual Basic) if the CacheReport parameter is set to false. Supplying a value for the Item parameter when CacheReport is set to false results in an error. Failure to provide a value for Item when CacheReport is set to true also results in an error.

The SetCacheOptions method can be called only when the execution option for the report is set to Live. For more information about setting execution options programmatically, see SetExecutionOptions.

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