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Repository Create Method

Repository Create Method

SQL Server 2000

Repository Create Method

Use this method to create a new repository database or to populate an empty database with repository SQL schema. Standard repository SQL tables are automatically created. The root repository object of the new repository is passed back to the calling program.


Set variable  =  object.Create(connect, user, password, flags)

The Create method syntax has the following parts.

Part Description
variable A variable declared as a RepositoryObject that evaluates to a ReposRoot object.
object The instance of the Repository class that you are using to create the new repository database.
connect The ODBC connection string to be used for accessing the database server that will host your new repository.
user The user name to use for identification to the database server.
password The password that matches the user input parameter.
flags Flags that determine database access and caching behavior for the open repository. For more information, see the ConnectionFlags Enumeration.


If the connection string indicates a Microsoft® JET database, the repository engine creates the database and populates it with the repository SQL schema. If the connection string indicates a Microsoft SQL Server™ 6.5, SQL Server 7.0, or SQL Server 2000, or the SQL Server Runtime Engine, the repository engine populates an empty database with the standard SQL schema. In this case, you must create an empty database before invoking this method.

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