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DeleteItem Method

SQL Server 2000

ReportingService.DeleteItem Method

Deletes a specified item from the report server database.

Public Sub DeleteItem( _
   ByVal Item As String _
   Member of [Namespace].ReportingService

public void DeleteItem(
   string Item
   Member of [Namespace].ReportingService
The full path name of the item.

Operation Description
Delete Required for deleting folders, reports, and associated resources. Users must have delete permissions on each item within the folder or on each resource that is associated with the report to delete the specified item successfully.


The DeleteItem method not only deletes the specified item from the report server database, it also deletes additional items, such as the subscriptions, schedules, and snapshots that are associated with the item.

If My Reports is enabled, a SOAP exception is thrown with the error code rsCannotDeleteReservedFolder if you attempt to delete the /My Reports or /Users folder. You can check the properties of any item by using the GetProperties method. If the item has a Reserved property set to a value of true, the item cannot be deleted.

Deleting an item in the report server database modifies the ModifiedBy and ModifiedDate properties of the parent item.

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