GetReportHistoryLimit Method
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GetReportHistoryLimit Method

SQL Server 2000

ReportingService.GetReportHistoryLimit Method

Returns the report history snapshot limit for a specified report.

Public Function GetSnapshotLimit( _
   ByVal Report As String, _
   ByRef IsSystem As Boolean, _
   ByRef SystemLimit As Integer _
) As Integer
   Member of [Namespace].ReportingService

public int GetSnapshotLimit(
   string Report,
   out bool IsSystem,
   out int SystemLimit
   Member of [Namespace].ReportingService
The full path name of the report.
A Boolean expression that returns true if the report snapshot policy is set equal to the system limit. The parameter returns false if the report has its own report history limit.
The system report history limit.
Return Value

An integer value representing the history limit for the given report. Values can range from -1 to 2,147,483,647. If the value is set to –1, all report history snapshots are saved.


Operation Description
Read Policy Required to view the report history snapshot limit policy for a report.

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