Application Definition File Reference
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Application Definition File Reference

SQL Server 2000

An application definition file (ADF) is required for every notification application you create on the Notification Services platform. The ADF stores all metadata that defines the application. This includes the structure of the events and subscriptions that the application accepts as input, and the structure of the notifications it produces.

Your ADF must be an XML file that conforms to the ApplicationDefinitionFile.xsd schema. This schema can be found in the installation directory of the Notification Services instance that you are using. It documents all the standard nodes that are used when defining a Notification Services application.

An ADF contains a hierarchy of XML nodes, each containing elements that specify the application settings and structure. The ADF must conform to the standards for well-formed XML, so all element names are case sensitive. Elements are always specified using Pascal case, which means that the first character is uppercase and the first letter of any subsequent concatenated word is uppercase.

All element values must conform to XML naming conventions. For more information about these conventions, see XML Textual Content in the Microsoft MSDN® Library.

ADF Structure

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