Setup User Interface Reference

Setup User Interface Reference

SQL Server 2000

This section describes the installation options presented in Microsoft® SQL Server™ Reporting Services Setup. Use Setup to install the report server, Report Manager, and Report Designer, and to change or remove a current installation.

Not all pages appear every time you run Setup. Depending on the components you select, some pages may be omitted. For example, if you only select Report Designer in the Feature Selection page, several of these pages will not appear.

The following table describes Setup pages.

Page Description
Feature Selection Choose Reporting Services features to install.
Disk Cost Shows the disk space requirements for the Reporting Services components you've chosen to install.
Installation Folder Specify the folders in which to install program files and data files.
Service Account Specify the account under which the ReportServer service runs.
Reporting Services Virtual Directories Specify the location of the virtual directories through which users access the report server and Report Manager.
Report Server Database Specify whether to create a new report server database or use an existing database, the name of the report server database, and the type of authentication the report server uses to connect to the database.
Report Server Web Farm Setup Add the current Reporting Services instance to a Web farm.
Report Server Delivery Settings Specify information regarding e-mail delivery of reports.
Report Server Samples Setup Installs the AdventureWorks samples database in an existing SQL Server instance.
Licensing Mode Specify the type and quantity of licenses that were purchased with the SQL Server 2000 product.
Change or Remove Instance Modify the features installed with Reporting Services or remove all Reporting Services components from the local computer.

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