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SQL Server 2000

The DTSTransfer_ScriptOptionEx constants specify extended scripting options. They are equivalent to SQLDMO_SCRIPT2_TYPE constants used by SQL-DMO.

Constant Value Description
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_70Only 16777216 (x01000000) Script the transfer of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 7.0 objects only.
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_AgentAlertJob 2048 (x0800) Include job in alert scripting.
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_AgentNotify 1024 (x0400) Script notification for SQLServerAgent alert object.
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_AnsiFile 2 Generate ANSI output file.
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_AnsiPadding 1 Explicitly SET ANSI PADDING on or off before the CREATE TABLE statement.
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_EncryptPWD 128 (x0080) Script encrypted password for logins.
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_ExtendedProperty 4194304 (x00400000) Include extended property scripting as part of object scripting
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_FullTextCat 2097152 (x00200000) Include full-text catalog scripting.
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_FullTextIndex 524288 (x00080000) Include full-text index scripting (table only).
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_JobDisable 33554432 (x02000000) Script Transact-SQL to disable the job at the end of job creation.
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_LoginSID 1048576 (x00100000) Include the security identification number (SID) for standard SQL Server logins.
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_MarkTriggers 32 (x0020) Mark system triggers. For replication, single table script only.
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_NoCollatin 8388608 (x00800000) Do not script the collation clause if source is an instance of SQL Server 2000.
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_NoFG 16 (x0010) Do not generate ON <filegroup>. For replication.
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_NonStop 8 When error occurs during script file generation, log error and continue.
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_NoWhatIfIndexes 512 (x0200) Do not script What-If indexes (default: script out).
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_OnlyUserTriggers 64 (x0040) Only script user triggers. For replication, single table script only.
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_SeparateXPs 256 (x0100) Script XP to a separate file (Convert).
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_TransferDefault 4112 (x1010) Default.
DTSTransfer_ScriptEx_UnicodeFile 4 Generate UNICODE output file.

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