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SQL Server 2000

The DTSTransformPhaseEnum constants specify the available Data Transformation Services (DTS) data pump transformation phases.

Constant Value Description
DTSTransformPhase_All 255 (x00FF) Bitmask for all transform phases.
DTSTransformPhase_None 0 Specifies no phases.
DTSTransformPhase_OnBatchComplete 64 (x0040) Occurs after a fast load batch completes, on success or failure.
DTSTransformPhase_OnInsertFailure 32 (x0020) Occurs after an Insert operation or a data driven query fails.
DTSTransformPhase_OnInsertSuccess 16 (x0010) Occurs after an Insert operation or a data driven query succeeds.
DTSTransformPhase_OnPumpComplete 128 (x0080) Occurs once at end of Data Transformation Services (DTS) data pump operation.
DTSTransformPhase_OnTransformFailure 8 Occurs after transformation fails (for example, a conversion error).
DTSTransformPhase_PostSourceData 2 Occurs after all source rows processed.
DTSTransformPhase_PreSourceData 1 Occurs before first source row processed.
DTSTransformPhase_Transform 4 Occurs after source row is fetched, performs the primary transformation processing.

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