This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CheckIfOfficeIsHTMLEditor Property [Access 2003 VBA Language Reference]

Office 2003

You can use the CheckIfOfficeIsHTMLEditor property to specify or determine if the default system HTML editor is used when editing a Web page. Read/write Boolean.


expression Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list.


The CheckIfOfficeIsHTMLEditor property uses the following settings.

Setting Visual Basic Description
Yes True (Default) Check to see whether an Office application is the default HTML editor when starting Microsoft Access.
No False Check is not performed..

Note  The CheckIfOfficeIsHTMLEditor property is available only by using Visual Basic .

The CheckIfOfficeIsHTMLEditor property is used only if the Web browser you are using supports HTML editing and HTML editors.

To use a different HTML editor, you must set this property to False and then register the editor as the default system HTML editor.


This example causes the default system HTML editor to be used (instead of Office applications) when editing a Web page.

Application.DefaultWebOptions.CheckIfOfficeIsHTMLEditor = False