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FirstSlideNumber Property

Office 2003

Returns or sets the slide number for the first slide in the presentation. Read/write Long.


The slide number is the actual number that will appear in the lower-right corner of the slide when you display slide numbers. This number is determined by the number (order) of the slide within the presentation (the SlideIndex property value) and the starting slide number for the presentation (the FirstSlideNumber property value). The slide number will always be equal to the starting slide number + the slide index number – 1. The SlideNumber property returns the slide number.


This example shows how changing the first slide number in the active presentation affects the slide number of a specific slide.

With Application.ActivePresentation
    .PageSetup.FirstSlideNumber = 1  'starts slide numbering at 1
    MsgBox .Slides(2).SlideNumber    'returns 2
    .PageSetup.FirstSlideNumber = 10  'starts slide numbering at 10
    MsgBox .Slides(2).SlideNumber     'returns 11
End With

Applies to | PageSetup Object

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