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DefaultWebOptions Object [Access 2003 VBA Language Reference]

Office 2003

The DefaultWebOptions object contains global application-level attributes used by Microsoft Access when you save a data access page as a Web page or open a Web page. You can return or set attributes either at the application (global) level or at the data access page level.

Using the DefaultWebOptions Object

Use the DefaultWebOptions property to return the DefaultWebOptions object.

Note that attribute values can be different from one data access page to another, depending on the attribute value at the time the data access page was saved. Data access page-level attributes override application-level attributes. Data access page attributes are contained in the WebOptions object.

The following example checks to see whether Microsoft Office Web components are downloaded when a saved data access page is displayed and sets the download flag accordingly.

Set objAppWebOptions = Application.DefaultWebOptions
With objAppWebOptions
    If .DownloadComponents = True Then
        strCompDownload = "Loaded"
        strCompDownload = "Not Loaded"
    End If
End With

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