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BoundObjectFrame Object [Access 2003 VBA Language Reference]

Office 2003

A bound object frame object displays a picture, chart, or any OLE object stored in a table in a Microsoft Access database. For example, if you store pictures of your employees in a table in Microsoft Access, you can use a bound object frame to display these pictures on a form or report.

Using the BoundObjectFrame Object

This object type allows you to create or edit the object from within the form or report by using the OLE server.

A bound object frame is bound to a field in an underlying table.

The field in the underlying table to which the bound object frame is bound must be of the OLE Object data type.

The object in a bound object frame is different for each record. The bound object frame can display linked or embedded objects. If you want to display objects not stored in an underlying table, use an unbound object frame or an image control .

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