This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Count Property

Office 2003

Returns the number of objects in the specified collection.

Read-only Integer for the following objects: Adjustments, CanvasShapes, DiagramNodeChildren, DiagramNodes, GroupShapes, ShapeNodes, and Shapes.

Read-only Long for the following objects: ActionSettings, AddIns, AnimationPoints,Animations10, Borders, CellRange, ColorScheme, ColorSchemes,Columns, Comments, Designs, DocumentWindows, ExtraColors,Fonts, Hyperlinks, NamedSlideShow, NamedSlideShows, ObjectVerbs,Panes, Placeholders, Presentations, PrintRanges, PublishObjects,Rows, RulerLevels, ShapeRange, SlideRange, Slides, SlideShowWindows, TabStops,Tags, TextRange, TextStyleLevels, TextStyles, TimeNodes, and Triggers.


This example closes all windows except the active window.

With Application.Windows
    For i = 2 To .Count
End With