This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IFPStyleState Object

Office 2003
Multiple objects

Contains information about the styles associated with a given element or text range on the current page. The IFPStyleState object allows you to view and edit any style property associated with a given element. Once style properties are modified, Microsoft FrontPage uses the new style information to render the new text based on the original styles.

Using the IFPStyleState object

Use the CreateStyleState property of the FPHTMLDocument object to create an IFPStyleState object. The following example creates a new IFPStyleState object and stores it in a variable called objSs.

    Sub NewStyleState()
'Creates a new style state object

    Dim objSs As IFPStyleState
    Set objSs = Application.ActiveDocument.createStyleState
End Sub

Use the gather method to associate a style state with a specified element or range. The following example creates an IFPStyleState object, associates it with a text range on the active document, and modifies its properties. The resulting text is rendered with the new styles.

    Sub ChangeStyleState()
'Changes the style state of a given text range

    Dim objSs As IFPStyleState
    Dim objRng As IHTMLTxtRange
    Application.ActiveDocument.body.innerHTML = "Hello Style State World"
    Set objRng = Application.ActiveDocument.body.createTextRange
    Set objSs = Application.ActiveDocument.createStyleState
    objSs.gather objRng
    objSs.fontWeight = 700
    objSs.fontFamily = "arial"
End Sub

Use the apply method to apply any changes made to the text range or element.

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