Results Tab, Options Dialog Box

Results Tab, Options Dialog Box

SQL Server 2000

Use the Results tab on the Options dialog box to configure the Results pane. An asterisk (*) indicates that the option does not apply to the results to grid feature.


Default results target

Specify the default type of results output.

Result output format

Specify the format for the results: Column Aligned, Comma Separated (CSV), Tab Delimited, Space Delimited, Other Delimiter.


Specify the delimiter character if Other Delimited is selected.

Maximum characters per column (*)

Specify the maximum number of characters returned in an output column. This setting also affects the behavior of the Transact-SQL Debugger window.

Print column headers

Specify whether to include column headings in the output.

Output query

Specify that the first three lines of a query appear in the Results pane. The default for this setting is OFF.

Discard results

Specify that query results are discarded.

Scroll results as received (*)

Specify that the results should be scrolled as they are returned.

Right-align numeric (*)

Specify that numbers should be right-aligned.

When a query batch completes:

Specify that a signal should be given when a query batch finishes executing.

Play the Windows message beep

Specify that the Windows message beeps when the batch completes.

Play this WAV file

Specify that a .wav file sounds when the batch completes.

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