Update Statistics Dialog Box

Update Statistics Dialog Box

SQL Server 2000

Use the Update Statistics dialog box modify statistics on the database and table specified in the Manage Statistics dialog box.



View the name of the statistic to update.


View the columns to include in the selected statistic.

Amount of data to sample

Specify how much data to sample for the statistic.

Default Select to sample the default amount of data for the statistic.
Sample % of the data Specify the percentage of the data to sample for the statistic.
Sample all the data Specify to sample all of the data for the statistic.
Sample rows Specify the number of rows to sample for the selected statistic.

Update statistics options

Specify additional statistics options.

Include columns Specify to include columns in the selected statistic.
Do not automatically recompute statistics Specify to not automatically recompute statistics. This is not recommended.

Edit SQL

Open the Edit Transact-SQL Script dialog box to edit the UPDATE STATISTICS statement.

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