Current Connection Properties Dialog box

Current Connection Properties Dialog box

SQL Server 2000

Use the Current Connection Options dialog box to specify the settings for the current connection.

Note  To specify the connection properties for all new connections, use the Connection Properties tab on the Options dialog box.


Set nocount

Suppress the rowcount message. This setting reflects the SET NOCOUNT ON/OFF state set in a query or stored procedure. For more information, see SET NOCOUNT in SQL Server Books Online. The default setting is OFF.

Set noexec

Compile, but do not execute the statements. This setting is useful for validating syntax and object names. It is also useful for debugging statements that may be part of a larger batch of statements. The default setting is OFF.

Set parseonly

Parse the syntax, but do not compile or execute the statements. This option does not validate object names. The default for this setting is OFF.

Set concat_null_yields_null

Return NULL if any operand in a concatenation operation is NULL.

Set rowcount

Return the specified number of rows and stop the query. The default (0) returns all rows.

Set arithabort

Terminate a query when an overflow or divide-by-zero error occurs during query execution.

Set showplan_text

Show execution information, but do not execute.

Set statistics time

Show the number of milliseconds required to parse, compile, and execute statements. The default setting is OFF.

Set statistics IO

Show information about disk activity. The information includes the name of the table used, the number of scans performed, the number of pages read from the data cache and the disk, and the number of pages placed into the cache for the query. The default setting is OFF.

Show stats I/O

Specify that the information regarding disk activity generated by each query statement be shown.

Set ansi_defaults

Set the options in this group to comply with SQL-92.

Set ansi nulls Return UNKNOWN if a comparison operator has any null expressions. This option sets the ANSI_NULLS option to ON. The ANSI syntax "IS NULL" or "IS NOT NULL" must be used for all null comparisons. If the ANSI_NULLS option is OFF, comparisons of all data against a null value evaluate to TRUE if the data value is NULL.
Set ansi_null_dflt_on Overrides the default nullability for new columns.
Set ansi_padding Do not automatically truncate trailing blanks and trailing zeros. This option sets the ANSI_PADDING option to ON. Trailing blanks on varchar values and trailing zeroes on varbinary values are not truncated automatically.
Set ansi_warnings Issue warnings on certain error conditions. This option sets the ANSI_WARNINGS option to ON. SQL Server issues warning messages for conditions that violate ANSI rules but do not violate the rules of Transact-SQL.
Set cursor_close_on_commit Close cursors when a transaction commits.
Set implicit_transactions Begin transactions automatically, without explicit BEGIN TRANSACTION statements.
Set quoted_identifier Interpret characters enclosed in double quotation marks as identifiers. This option sets the QUOTED_IDENTIFIERS option to ON when the SQL Server ODBC driver connects. The default for this setting is OFF. For more information, see SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIERS.

Reset All

Restore all connection properties to their initial settings.

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