Index Dialog Box

Index Dialog Box

SQL Server 2000

Use the Create New Index and Edit Existing Index dialog boxes to define and modify indexes on the database and table specified in the Manage Indexes dialog box.


Index name

Specify the name of the index to create or edit.


Specify or change the columns in the selected index.

Sort Order

Specify or change the sort order for the column. The default order is descending.

Data type

View the data type of the column.


Display the length of the selected column.


Display whether the selected column is nullable.


Display the precision of the selected column.


Display the scale of the selected column.

Change column order

Change the position of the column in the index.

Move Up Move the selected column up one.
Move Down Move the selected column down one.

Index options

Specify the type of index and other index options.

Clustered index Specify a clustered index.
Unique values Specify to index the columns by unique values.
Ignore duplicate values Specify to ignore duplicate values.
Do not recompute statistics (not recommended) Specify to not recompute the statistics of the index. This is not recommended.
File group Specify the filegroup of the index.
Pad index Specify to pad the index. Padding the index leaves space on each interior node of the index.
Drop existing Specify to delete any existing index of the same name before creating the new index.
Fill factor Specify how full SQL Server should make the leaf level of each index page during index creation.

Edit SQL

Open the Edit Transact-SQL Script dialog box where you can edit the CREATE INDEX or ALTER INDEX statement.

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